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Thank you for visiting the Free Reading Network. Before you request a reading please read the following information regarding how our readers view the practice of Tarot, and what types of questions will get you the best responses.

Tarot readings are used to help you to gain insight in a particular situation or issue, to present questions for you to ponder, and to help you understand what may happen given your present circumstances. They are not intended to predict the future, or to "tell your fortune" A Tarot reading cannot tell if and when you will meet the perfect mate, but can give you guidance regarding what issues you may need to examine regarding how you do relationships in your life. The choices you make in your life are the primary factors in predicting your future. Tarot can help you examine these choices and understand the issues associated with them. Tarot cannot instruct you on what choices to make. Tarot cannot help you change, understand, or manipulate someone else, only to understand what is happening for you.

Typically, questions that can be answered yes or no are not the best questions to ask. The best questions are ones that are phrased in such a way that the answers will offer you insight into what is going on for you. Here is an example of common questions that are asked at freetarot.us

These are questions for predictions about the future, and are not phrased in such a way so that the answer could offer any insight to the seeker. If rephrased, the question. "Will I meet the man/woman of my dreams" could become, "What things about myself should I examine with regard to my romantic relationships?" "Will my husband / wife and I get back together" could be rephrased as "What do I need to look at in order to be clear about what kind of relationship I want with my ex wife / husband?" or "How can I better understand what I am feeling about my ex wife / husband?" The question "Will I travel to Europe this year" could be "What do I need concentrate on if I want to go to Europe this year?" or "What is holding me back from going to Europe this year" The more your question focuses on gaining insight into yourself, the better and more helpful the response will be. If you are having difficulty with wording your questions, just go ahead and ask it and your reader will help you rephrase it. If you still would like a free reading, click on the link to your left and you will be asked for your question and some other basic information.

Thank you again for visiting us!

-Zoltar, Tarot Reader