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Words About the Tarot

I was inspired one day by a famous wrestler. He said, "Know your role." It reminded me of the Oracle at Delphi: "Know thyself". The Tarot is all about seeking for information from within. The Tarot is a tool for inner guidance and wisdom, ideal for self-seeking or finding one's role in the world. The Self is a person's most trusted friend. But sometimes communication with the Self is difficult. Self doesn't always speak in words that people can hear. That's where the Tarot comes in to play.

As Tarot Readers, we have dedicated ourselves towards walking our own inner path, and towards helping others find theirs. We are here to help people by getting them in touch with their Higher Self. We as readers are here to offer you our services. We will help you to hear your inner voice and follow your path. We can only show you the door though; you are responsible for opening it and stepping through.

We at the Freereading Network hope you have a wonderful experience here and hope that you come back again! Our Readers are always willing to help you find your way on the Path of Life. Peace be with you, and Bright Blessings!

Matt Brooks, CPTR
June 1999