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Moonlitestonight Email Tarot & Numerology Readings

Tarot and Numerology are wonderful tools to help us find guidance, focus and clarification of the various situations or even difficulties we sometimes face or find ourselves in. The Tarot relays messages that are meant for us at a specific moment in our lives and gives us a glimpse of the possibilities of the Future. Tarot guides us to specific outcomes or possibilities that are best for us. Numerology helps us know and understand ourselves and our loved ones better using the energies of the letters and numbers found in one's name and birthdate.

Your tarot reading will incorporate numerology as both are exceptional in helping you move forward in your Life in the best possible manner. I am a member of the Canadian Tarot Network, American Tarot Association, and am an online volunteer tarot reader for the Free Tarot Network, Free Reading Network and AllExperts. Crystal Healing, Reiki, Tea Cup Reading, Russian Gypsy Cards and Feng Shui are my other interests.

I would like to share some feedback from clients I have read for:

  • I thank you soooo much, and I really, really appreciate it, deeply. I totally thank you for your honesty and your time. What you are saying is true, I know this. As much as it pains me that the cards dealt me a blow, I respect them, and I totally thank you for taking your time out to assist me with clarity. LR, Bahamas
  • May God bless a kind soul like you. CS, USA
  • Thanks Moonlite for the reading you have told the way things are right now, YOU are really good, thanks so much for your time. XM, Canada
  • First of all would like to say thank you for taking the time out to give me such an in-depth reading. I have read and re-read it over and over again. You are a very caring person, and the way you have taken time out for me shows me that I should still have some faith human nature, as hard as that is. KB, England
  • You were right on the mark with me. I really needed some clear guidance to avoid making the wrong choices. Your reading was very accurate. Thank you! DT, USA
  • You are quite right. I have cancelled my travel plans. CR, UK
  • Really have to thank you for your time and helping me to draw some cards to explain the situation and finding solution. Thanks so much for your extra help indeed. EW, Australia

    ********* For an Email Tarot/Numerology reading, paying with Paypal, please send an email to me at and in the subject line please type “Private Reading”. Please include your full birth name and the name(s) you currently go by now as well as your full birthdate (written in full please i.e. October 5, 1963). Please include your questions, concerns and any background information that you wish to share or feel may be relevant to your questions. I will then send you an invoice from Paypal and will begin your reading. You will have it within 48 hours max if not much sooner!!!!!

    *********A one card reading (one issue or question) is $10.00 US. A three or more card reading (multiple questions or solutions) is $35.00 US. Both readings will include Tarot and Numerology. You will see how effective an email tarot reading is as you will be able to refer back to it when you need inspiration or keep it for future reference.

    I would like to thank my tarot mentors over the years for their help, insight and guidance: Arriana of Mystical Craft (Canadian Tarot Association); Renaissance Moon and the TarotGuy (members of The American Tarot Association).

    In closing, I look forward to reading for you!!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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